Focus Academy, Kochi, Kerala

Address : 3rd Floor, G Flat, Apple Heights, Near Vazhakkala Bus Stand, Vazhakkala, Kochi

Phone : 080 40930617, 080 40930618, 080 25457789

Mobile : +91 9496450112 / +91 9496450113

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Website : www.focustrg/

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At Focus Academy, personal attention to each individual candidate is given through a process of continuous and constructive feedback. The students will practice each test stage-by-stage and through the process understand themself and be able to project their qualities in a very focused manner. They will ensure that the students maintain their originality. They will allow the students to identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them to further improve their strengthens and reduce or remove weaknesses.

Courses Offered :

Category Type Course Description
Defence Training Exam Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force Services Selection Boards (SSB)

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