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Cavalier India is the biggest Defence Career Training Academy in India with network covering the entire country. Cavalier India is the first of its kind in providing professional SSB Training for all types of commission in Armed and Para Military Forces. SSB Training is handled by a team of professional trainers who are ex-assessors of various SSBs in the Country. They have Officers for SSB training who were posted in the Army/Navy/Air Force Services Selection Boards (SSBs). They have a team of over 25 Officers to impart SSB training and the Officers frequently update the changes that are included in the SSB for selection. For SSB training they have vast out door tasks facilities and state of the art indoor training aids and facilities.

Cavalier India train candidates to face SSB Interviews for all Types of Commissions. NDA entry, Army Engg Entry, Naval Engg Entry, EKT Entry, ACC Entry, NCC Entry etc.,

Cavalier India has excellent training facilities and professional trainers for Entrance Exams such as NDA, CDS, CPO and Other Entrance Tests, well structured curriculam, mock tests, solving of previous years question papers and condensed study material.

For written coaching prior to NDA and CDS Exam they provide crash course of 15 days and one month/2 months coaching during vacations.

Cavalier India has vast network which also provide opportunities for a candidate to attend Free SSB Refresher Training at any of the branches located through out the country.

Cavalier India's vision is to see that within few years the standing Defence Forces to have majority of Officers trained by them. Today for every course in Officers Training Academy majority candidates join are trained by Cavalier India. For SSB Training for every serious Defence Career aspirants Cavalier India is the first choice. For SSB Training the career in the Defence Forces as an Officer is an elite one and when a candidate report to Cavalier India for SSB Coaching or written coaching they understand the seriousness of the issue and responsibilities towards the candidate to achieve his dream goal, that is the very reason that the product what they have created is the best and unmatchable. 15 years of experience, country wide network, vast outdoor task area for SSB Coaching huge team of professional trainers and state of the art training facilities put together emerges a product which is matching the aspirations of our potential officers.

Courses Offered :

Category Type Course Description
Defence Training Exam Indian Army
Indian Navy
Indian Air Force
(SSB)      Services Selection Boards
(CPSS)    Computerized Pilot Selection System
(NDA)    National Defence Academy
(CDS)     Combined Defence Services
(INET)    Indian Navy Entrance Test
(AFCAT)  Air Force Common Admission Test
(CAPF)   Central Armed Police Forces
(ACC)    Army Cadet College

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