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Over the years, the name of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) has become synonymous with success in IITJEE.Vidyamandir has over the years designed, delivered, perfected and innovated the art and science of teaching and guiding students for entrance exam for the IITs, which are recognized as the Premier Technology Institutions across the world.

Goal of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is to provide knowledge and guidance and thereby create an environment that not only guides students to the path of success, but also inspires them to recognize and explore their own potential. Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) is run by a group of Ex-IITians, who have over the years, guided thousands of IIT aspirants to fulfill their dream of getting into the prestigious IITs.

Features of Vidyamandir Classes (VMC) :

  • Detailed Theory Portion : This part explains the core concepts in a very simple and easy manner and helps in building a strong foundation for VMC students.
  • Solved Examples & In-Chapter Exercises : This part illustrates the applicability of the theoretical concepts. Accurate and thorough explanations are provided to ensure students internalize the core concepts. Each step in the solved examples is carefully and systematically explained, to show students how to attempt a particular problem.
  • Objective Worksheets : There is comprehensive set of question banks at the end of every chapter. These question banks are scientifically categorized based on difficulty level, type, previous years, application based / theory based etc. The questions covers all typical problems and many other fresh problems based on the latest trends in IITJEE.

Courses Offered :

Category Course Course Description
Competitive Exam Engineering Entrance Exam Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced

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